Protect yourself online with 2-Step Verification

July 27, 2015 at 10:59 AM

Recently in the news there has been an increase in password theft and phishing scams. 

Did you know these days it is quite easier for someone to steal your password?


Just some of the ways

· Clicking on unknown links in email messages

· Viruses and Malware from software downloaded from the Internet

· Hackers stealing passwords from websites


Just imagine

· Someone going through your emails and documents

· Deleting your emails, contacts, photos, documents etc

· Pretending to be you and sending out harmful emails & documents

· Been locked out of your critical emails and documents


What a nightmare! Don’t put yourself at risk!

Stop the bad guys by implementing 2-Step Verification.


How does it work?

2-Step Verification adds an extra layer of security to your Google, MS Office 365 and Dropbox accounts, drastically reducing the chances of having the personal information in your account stolen. To break into  an account with 2-Step Verification, someone would not only have to know your username and password, they'd also have to get hold of your mobile phone.


At McDonalds IT we are dedicated to helping protect our customers!

To get sorted - just give us a call or email, book in a time with 1 of our consultants and they will come out and setup 2 Step Verification for you!

Stop the bad guys, minimize the risk and avoid the nightmare!



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