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iOS 11.4 is now out. What's new with AirPlay 2?
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Travelling is a great way to see other parts of the world, experience other cultures, meet new people, and taste unusual cuisines. However, when travelling half way across the world to an unfamiliar location without your luxuries, it can take you out of your comfort zone. This blog discusses a few items that will help you improve the convenience of your journey, whether it is a short trip to your favorite holiday destination or a once in a life time trip around the globe.
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On Sunday, we spent a sunny afternoon up at Kapiti Aero Club, with Eboni, Bryony and Te Kani from Huia Publishers.
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Google Apps
Google are forever trying to improve their service by adding exciting new features to their products. Today, Google has released a couple of new features to Gmail. This blog details these 3 new major features.
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Back in February 2017, McDonalds IT released the blog “Virtual Reality – Just a gimmick or here to stay?”. Since then a lot has changed, with new ideas, products, and concepts released into the market in attempt to continue to fuel this caught on obsession. We follow up from our previous blog with some examples of how this concept has expanded.
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With technology forever improving, appliance manufactures are continually trying to boost and promote their products to increase sales.
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Authorised Resellers For Proud Supporters Of Is your Google mailbox workin....g for you........ Perhaps your experience could be improved. For some time now
Want to change up the way your mailbox looks?

Hidden Features Of Android Mobile Phones

Authorised Resellers For Proud Supporters Of Hidden Features of Android Mob....ile Phones Got an Android mobile phone........ Yes........ you must be spending a lot of time on the great functionalities that Google has built. Ho
Some secret functions of Android Phones