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In January 2020, Tony will be travelling back to Cambodia to volunteer in an orphanage for 4 weeks, as a way of giving back to help and change the lives of the young children living in Cambodia.
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A review of all of the features in Dropbox and Google's new integration service.
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Recently, Microsoft have added two new features into Windows 10, Virtual Desktop and Task View. This blog will describe how to create and manage your Virtual Desktops.
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Instant messaging apps have been around for a while and are becoming an increasingly popular way to communicate within the work place. In order to prevent data from being accessed by unauthorised users, security should always be the number one priority during communication. This is especially true if the data runs the risk of causing damage if it falls into the wrong hands.
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Just recently, Google have reported a potential security vulnerability in their popular web browser, Chrome. In short, the vulnerability could allow attackers access to your local files on your device.
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What secrets does your Google search engine hold? Find out more here...
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