Apple's AirPlay 2

June 07, 2018 at 10:53 AM

Just recently, Apple has released a new update for their iOS platform, version 11.4. With this new update has come a change to a feature some of you may already use or didn’t even know about. The feature is called AirPlay.

AirPlay is the term Apple uses to play/stream content from one device to another such as speakers. This has been around for a long time now on most Apple products and 3rd party speakers (Similar to how casting with Chromecast works). With the latest updates there has been an upgrade of this service now which is called AirPlay 2. This provides the ability to stream audio to multiple speakers around the home at the same time. This provides a true home surround sound experience or ease of control for zoning when entertaining.

We’ve always been able to push music from the computer to multiple AirPlay compatible devices but the limitation was this couldn’t be done outside of iTunes or on a mobile device without the use of hacks like Jailbreaking or 3rd party software.


So how does it work?

As before, this works the same way you used the previous version of AirPlay. For an example of how I use this in my setup, I have two Apple TV devices in my house (requires 4th gen and above). One in the living room and one in the bedroom. Now from either my iPhone or iPad that I’m playing music on, I can tap the audio selection button and now I see my Apple TV’s have check circles, allowing me to choose both devices at the same time. Music will then start playing in the living room and bedroom at the same time. Another way that you can use this is through Siri which can now determine where each device is located based on settings applied on each device.



“Hey Siri, play Drift away by Sons of Zion to all speakers” This will automatically set and start streaming music to all locations I have at home. “Hey Siri, play in living room only” now the music stops play in all other locations apart from my living room. It’s pretty easy.


Supported 3rd party speakers

At the moment, there are already 3rd party speakers that support or will support AirPlay 2. Some of these will require a software update to enable this feature so please check the manufactures website for more information.

Bang & Olufsen




Bowers & Wilkins

Definitive Technologies











Many leading brands have already mentioned about incorporating the updated AirPlay 2 compatibility in upcoming products so if you’re interested then keep an eye out for the logo in the specifications.



If you would like any further information on how to set any of these up or have any queries, please feel free to contact us at 

Created by Shay Matheson 


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