Be Internet Awesome: Googles latest project

June 14, 2017 at 2:02 PM

Online safety comes to many as one of the highest priorities in internet usage, recent attacks plaguing computers worldwide has given many a reality check on how to stay safe when browsing the web.  Though we’d all like to think we’re safe, staying alert is also crucial to protecting harmful viruses from any online devices. Enter Google, with their newest project: Be internet awesome. An interactive learning experience allowing all persons, young and old, to learn more on keeping your privacy and security intact.




Kids use a lot of internet these days, which seems to be the companies target audience, creating Interland, a short, educational game in hopes to get kids aware and protected. Split into 4 mini games, Interland covers areas such as secure password generation, who to and who not trust online, keeping cyber friendly as well as cyber bully protection, and keeping online privacy.

Though targeted at a child audience, a 48 page curriculum is given to teachers looking to provide online safety lessons, as well as a video series for parents to follow along with their children.

With the world of hacking and viruses constantly growing and changing, Googles latest project is sure to keep everyone at home safe and aware.


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