Clouds don’t feel earthquakes.

November 25, 2016 at 2:05 PM

“I was holidaying in Queenstown when the last big earthquake hit Wellington and had to issue instructions to staff to attempt to get into our building and retrieve the server.  We were able to sneak in and grab the server, which enabled us to re-set up at the house of a staff member.  However, we could only have one user on the computer at any one time and, if we hadn’t been able to retrieve our server, would have been left with no way to carry on our business.That experience led us to be more pro-active in mitigating the risk of being caught like that again and we engaged McDonaldsIT to move our system into the cloud, so we have access to all our files and data, regardless of how badly our building is effected in any future earthquakes.  It was a relief to see the system coped well with the recent earthquake and we were able to continue in business, even though we couldn’t access our building for a few days after the quake.”
-Richard Carroll, JS Brooksbank

The latest earthquake is a timely reminder of the unpredictability of the world we live in, and the importance of preparation.It’s not till you don’t have access to your office and work computer that you realise how much we depend on that access, and with the latest earthquake in the South Island causing Wellington CBD to be closed for 2 days (more for some) we got a test of how prepared we are for this kind of shut down.

At McDonaldsIT we don’t just sell cloud computing because it is the latest flashy thing, we sell it because we believe it to be how a business should operate. That is why we use cloud systems ourselves, and after the earthquake our staff could almost seamlessly continue working from home, a coffee shop and even the pub, though productivity does suffer when working in a pub.


After the recent earthquake, I spoke to Richard Carroll of JS Brooksbank, A customer who came to McDonaldsIT after the 2013 Seddon earthquake that closed Wellington CBD and left them hindered to say the least, after the quake it was good to hear how the new cloud systems fared while they were out of the office,

This kind of success story is why we want to bring companies into the cloud, and it’s not just in case of an emergency, there are many more benefits of running your business in the cloud,
if you want to look into some of these benefits (like working from the pub) give McDonaldsIT a call on 04 974 9051 and have a chat with one of the team.  


Article by: Tom Bowie

Category: Cloud Computing


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