Cyber Security Awareness

November 27, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Cyber Security Awareness

How much are we really conscious when it comes to Cyber Security? Do we think enough before downloading programs on our devices just because it’s free? What if you found someone’s wallet in a coffee shop?  Will you give the wallet to a shop assistant or search for the contact details to find the rightful owner? Either way you will do the right thing. But what if you are walking in a park and find a USB stick on a bench. What will you do? Don’t bother and keep walking or take it and plug into your computer to see what’s on it. Well, again it is a personal preference, but it may change once you read the following.

Recently a social experiment was conducted by a business in few cities of U.S.A. where USB sticks were left randomly at popular places. It was designed to test how people would react and surprisingly result were not favourable. Below are some factual happenings.

Someone coming from lunch, spotted a USB stick on a bench, he waited to see if anyone would come to grab it. Realising no one was around, he needed one, its free and took it.

He was not the only one. A lot of them just could not control their temptation and grabbed it. Well it is a human nature. But it is the next bit that can be scary. They proceeded to plug the USB sticks onto their computers and opened the only text file on it. The file informed them that they were a part of an experiment and should either click a link or e-mail the person conducting this experiment. Most people avoided the link but did send an email.

This showed that plugging in a USB stick onto your computer is one of the scariest things someone can do, especially not knowing what content it might have. Well, it is slightly different than a lost wallet situation. You might have just triggered installing spyware, malware and all sorts of programs which could potentially destroy your personal data. One person scanned the drive before opening it. But not everyone does that.

This experiment also confirmed that even very computer savvy, educated people fell into this trap of ignoring the most basic cyber security awareness. Let’s become more security conscious and be aware of things around us.

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