Dropbox and cloud based access

August 01, 2014 at 11:50 AM

When collaboratively working with data in the cloud, occasionally the situation arises where certain documents or pieces of work shouldn’t be open to just any employee to sift through. Data access and security has become an increasing priority across the world, luckily, Dropbox has been listening.

Dropbox has introduced a new set of features that allow you to control which colleagues can view or edit a specific file, furthermore, you can set expiry dates and passwords on shared links meaning what you share, isn’t shared forever.  It’s a great addition to the service and is particularly helpful for keeping contractors from wondering around your file-systems, or keeping curious employees out of the accountant’s books.

This new box of tricks can be accessed through Dropbox for Business’ early access program, and they’ve promised to keep adding options in this area for even more precise control over your business.

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