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March 03, 2017 at 11:46 AM

The drive to have the best and latest electronic equipment is getting stronger these days and almost on an annual basis people are upgrading their gadgets. Though being great for the economy, this is producing a high amount of electronic waste or e-waste as it’s also known. Most of this e-waste when introduced to landfills, is non-biodegradable and often can leak heavy metals/chemicals into the environment which is never a good thing. So, what can you do to help?

Sell it

22759wall.jpegA vast majority of equipment that gets upgraded is replacing still functional items and do not require to be trashed or scrapped. Selling these online is a great way to not only make some money but gives someone else the enjoyment you once had with the same item. Sites like Trademe have been around for years now and you can also use social media like Facebook to get rid of stuff you don’t want anymore. A lot of local communities set up pages for the purpose or selling and buying anything and everything in your area so this is a great way to help each other out. Even if you just want it gone and are willing to donate it, people are more than happy to come pick it up and take it off your hands.  

Donate it

As mentioned above with the Facebook buy/sell page, donating equipment is another great way to reduce e-waste. There are plenty of people in need around the world and also plenty of organisations like Red Cross and The Salvation Army that are always looking for donations. Schools and Kindergartens/Day-care centres sometimes have limited funding when it comes to their electronics so why not check out your local and see if they could use an old laptop or tablet you no longer need so the kids can play with and learn.  

Repurpose it


Sometimes it’s hard to let go of those gadgets so you end up hanging on to them for a few years or throwing them out in the trash. So why not try and repurpose a device and use if for something else?

Smartphones: Some old phones can be turned into a security camera for home with a simple app installed like “Presence” This works for both Android and iOS and will turn your old phone into a motion detecting camera that you can access via the web. Pretty cool!

More info about Presence here

Laptops: Using an old laptop is a great way to create a media computer that you can connect to your TV to access your collections of digital movies, music and TV shows. Programs like Kodi or Plex Theatre can convert your laptop into a multimedia hub on your TV just like using s Smart TV

More info on these software options here: Kodi or Plex

Recycling it

For those items that just might not be worth selling, repurposing or donating due to being broken or that old, recycling the hardware itself is the next option.

Checking your local council guides for your area is the best way to find what recycling programs are available. Keep a look out for e-waste collection days as there’s sometime special events where everyone can bring all their old/broken equipment to a single stockpile where it will be collected. Recycling of e-waste is a great way to make sure components like batteries and lead components get stripped and help reduce the chance of these ending up in our landfills.  

At the end of the day, be a proud Kiwi and let’s keep NZ green!

If you’re interested in taking the step into repurposing some hardware and have questions about what you can do with your hardware, feel free to contact us at McDonalds IT and we’ll be glad to give our assistance and also please feel free to follow us on Facebook

Article by: Shay Matheson

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