Google Search Easter Eggs

February 14, 2019 at 3:42 PM


Google Search Easter Eggs

A good portion of us today use the Google search engine daily for most of our web needs. This search engine was launched 21 years ago in 1997 and is now one of the most widely used platforms when it comes to finding out important information like “who’s that guy who starred in that film with the green jacket?”

Little to people know is that Google themselves like to include Easter Eggs (secrets to find) that can produce some interesting, quirky and funny results. Here’s a list of some of my favourites to try and all you have to do is go to and type these into the search box and press “enter”. This will work best in Google Chrome with no other tabs open but some will work in other browsers. You will need to go back to a fresh page of to do the next search for the Easter Egg result.

  • Do a barrel roll - This will actually make your browser rotate 360’ onscreen
  • Google in 1998 - Can you remember what google used to look like back in the day? (if you’re old enough that is). Well this search will reload the page in the old layout, original logo and font.


  • Solitaire - Type this and press enter, now there is a “Click to Play” button that will allow you to play Solitaire within the browser. You can also do this with tic tac toe and pacman.
  • Askew – Now you’ll feel like you’re on a lean or the monitor is playing up. This search puts the webpage on a slight tilt that’s more noticeable as you scroll down the page.
  • Atari breakout – This one is done a little differently as you need to type that into an image search instead. After you’ve typed it into Google and press enter, click “Images” below the search box and wait for it to load. Enjoy the classic block busting game. This can be played with the mouse or arrow keys.
  • zerg rush  This comes from an older game also, Starcraft. The screen will start to cover in circles which you can click on to destroy them. If left alone, they will wipe out the search results on screen. There will be a score counter in the middle of the screen and an X to close out of it.
  • Super Mario Bros – After the search, you will see information on the right about the video game and a flashing question mark box from the game. Click and gets some coins. Try this also with Sonic the Hedgehog and this will produce a similar result. Give him a click.


  • Text Adventure – After typing this into Google and pressing enter, you will need to press the following on your keyboard, Shift+control+J  This will open up a dev window on the right of the screen that allows you to relive the old style text adventure game, allowing you to play using only text commands. Give it a try and follow the steps on screen.


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