Google set to continue dominating the tech centre

June 27, 2014 at 2:52 PM

As you may be aware, Google’s yearly I/O conference was held on the 26th of June. This yearly conference is basically an opportunity for Google to highlight what new products and features will be available soon, and they didn’t disappoint, here’s a brief overview of what might be of interest to businesses:

  • Google’s Android operating system for smart phones has seen a doubling in use year-on-year, and there are now more than a billion android users.
  • Android Tablets now account for 62% of the global market.
  • Cheaper Android options such as the Android one have been developed to target emerging markets, and at a price point of only $100AUD
  • Design updates to Android, Chrome and Google’s entire range of Applications are on the way.
  • A new focus on the inter-connectivity between all devices be it Laptop, Desktop, Mobile or even Smart Watches! (Referred to as the internet of everything in the IT world).
  • Announcement of Google’s Smart Watch products, built collaboratively with LG.
  • Native .doc support added to Google docs, meaning you can edit and re-save Microsoft office documents right in your chrome browser.

As we can see, Google has a whole range of technologies to help it maintain its dominance of the tech industry for the foreseeable future. We can all safely assume that the most innovative technology tools will come from the Google camp, and innovate how we work, play and live in continually substantial ways.

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