Heartbleed Bug Status

April 28, 2014 at 10:03 AM

As you are all hopefully aware the Heartbleed bug has been a huge topic of conversation in the IT world lately, and if you haven’t yet changed your passwords for your Google, Dropbox and Box accounts, we strongly recommend that you do.

Every cloud however, does have a silver lining. In this case, a faulty protocol for web communication is now being addressed by thousands of IT providers across the world, making our use of the internet a little bit more secure, and putting all of us a little bit more at ease.

We’re happy to inform you that Box, Google and Dropbox have all patched their systems to deal with this vulnerability.

Due to the significant attention the bug gained over the last few weeks, it has been address across the world with businesses such as Facebook, Twitter, Apple and other widely used services being patched as soon as it became possible.

However, experts cannot estimate what damage may have been done, or how much of users data has been compromised due to the fact that the Bug has been around for about two years! Therefore we highly recommend that our customers update as many of their current passwords as possible. Better safe than sorry.

According to California based Security Firm Sucuri only 2% of the top million websites in the world were still vulnerable to the bug, so the worst seems to be behind us.

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