Hidden Features Of Android Mobile Phones

November 20, 2015 at 3:25 PM

Hidden Features of Android Mobile Phones

Got an Android mobile phone? Yes, you must be spending a lot of time on the great functionalities that Google has built. However, you might have also missed heaps of Android’s feature-rich applications.

Let me show some hidden Android features that you may or may not know that exists.

Instant Google Access:

In today’s everyday life, we want everything to be fast and quick. Fast foods, fast cars and above all fast internet access. Many users may not be aware the quickest and the fastest way to google search. Well, just do the following and save your precious time.

Press the “Menu Key” for couple of seconds and hooray! you get to the google screen.


Sometimes, with no apparent reason the screen on mobile device just freezes, and nothing seems to work no matter what you do. Specially when you are in urgency to use the smartphone. Well,it’s natural to get upset, frustrated and finally get angry with oneself. But do not worry, follow the steps below.

Press the Menu Key, Volume up/down button and Home Key Simultaneously and the screen should appear normal.

Losing Your Smartphone:

Everyone is concerned of losing one’s mobile phone, especially when it’s  newly purchased. If lucky, someone may return the phone to the rightful owner if they manage to get your details. But how? You can increase the chances by displaying contact information on your password protected lock screen.

Go to Settings-Security-Screen Security-Owner Information. Enter your name or email address or a contact phone number.

Portable USB Drive:

No need to carry a USB stick to store files while on the move anymore. Just use your smartphone as a portable USB stick by storing files on it. Connect the USB cable provided with the device to a computer and transfer files between the two. It is really handy for documents, photos and some urgent files.

Personal Names and Words:

We have all different names that identifies ourselves. Short and long names,some difficult to pronounce or hard to remember. It’s perfectly alright to have your own preference of names. Well, that is the world we live in. Luckily, android mobile operating system gives the option of saving such names and words into its dictionary. It means instead of  writing the whole name again it will pop up as a predictive text and saves you re-writing each time.

To add a word to the dictionary press down on it and hold until the white line beneath disappears indicating it is auto saved.

Commonly Used Special Characters:

Using special characters while using a smartphone is a common practise. But how often we use the short-cuts rather than pressing ‘Symbols’ button on the keyboard icon. Not always. Option below will give a different approach.

Hold down the full stop button and commonly used character box will pop up saving you time.

Please note certain settings may differ based on the type/model of the smartphone.

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