How secure is your email

August 28, 2014 at 3:41 PM

We’re all painfully aware of how often online services get compromised, and furthermore how often our online lives are invaded. But what’s really being done about this? Are companies such as Google trying to look after us? Do they care?

The good news is that they are, and we’re usually not aware of how much work goes into securing our data. Google has been leading the pack in on-line security by working on encrypting all data between itself, and its providers.

This encryption usually occurs when email is in transit with a sender service encrypting it and the receiving provider, being given the necessary key to decrypt it. How much encryption is applied is generally down to whom services such as Gmail are sending data to and how well the secondary party’s service is maintained.

However, Gmail seems to be doing its fair share of work to keep our data secure. A factor that largely contributes to its status as the most widely used email provider in the world. And why we recommend it as an email solution to our clients, and why we make use of their services ourselves.


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