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August 09, 2017 at 3:25 PM

Is your Google mailbox working for you?

Perhaps your experience could be improved. For some time now, Google has been working on a new mailbox experience. Simply named Inbox, this new approach to your mailbox brings new features and design changes to simplify your day.

If you find yourself feeling cluttered by all kinds of emails that reach your mailbox throughout the day, Inbox may be able to bring some order with less effort on your part. Amongst your emails may be updates from social media, promotional sales, travel bookings or news from friends. Inbox bundles like emails together (similar to labels), so you can know at a quick glance what’s important. On a busy day, those social media updates may only be a distraction, so all those emails can be marked as done and will be swept out of the inbox into your archives in one tap. This smart bundling of emails can help you achieve a tidy mailbox in less time than before.


With the bundling feature providing you a more organised view of your emails, any email can then be pinned (similar to stars) to your inbox. Even if you sweep away the rest of a bundle, the pinned emails will remain at the top of your Inbox for quick reference. A quick reminder can be added to that pin, creating a todo list for quick access.


The third tool that helps you quickly action emails and clear your Inbox is called Snooze. Any emails that aren’t relevant right now can be hidden until you reach a specified location such as, or at a later date. As an example, say you receive news on a hobby of yours, you can tap Snooze until the weekend, and that email will only return to the mailbox come the weekend. The places option can be used to remind you of that email you wanted to read, once you reached home.


Aside from these features that can help you keep your Inbox relevant and tidy, Google has been making changes to other aspects of emailing to make the process more efficient.


Now you will always get a chance to “undo” sending a message, saving you potential embarrassment. Oftentimes it’s only once you’ve hit the send button that a mistake appears.

Getting a reply back can now be done faster than ever before, with Inbox doing the talking for you. Smart reply gives you three of Google’s best responses that the artificial intelligence can come up with. You’d be surprised how natural the responses are. Note: This has been brought over to Gmail if you have the latest version of the app installed.


Highlights are made to take important details from your emails, to be displayed in the summary of your Inbox. Any purchase you’ve recently made, or upcoming flights will stand out so they won’t be missed when you need to dig them up

That covers the main changes to your mailbox that may make Inbox worth a look. It’s recommended that you use Inbox from your computer and mobile as a replacement to Gmail, but nothing will be lost - both services are available for use.


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Inbox is available for free, on iPhoneAndroid and the Web


Article by Zach Annals

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