iOS8 on iPhone 4s? May not be the best idea

September 18, 2014 at 3:16 PM

We all love updates to iOS, and for good reason. Apple has a knack of really packing in new and incredibly useful features into their operating systems that keep things moving forward and consistent across their devices. And it’s for this exact reason that users and developers alike love to build for it, and use it.

Unfortunately, in with the new inevitably means out with the old, and even though the update is available for a large variety of their devices (reaching back nearly three years to the 4S), it doesn’tnecessarily mean the aging hardware will play nicely with these new features.

The age of 4S model iphones simply means that the hardware isn’t capable of running iOS 8 smoothly. Features such as Touch ID, Airdrop and the new graphical API really push the tired hardware to its limits, causing app load speeds to take almost twice as long in some cases. While performance is a really significant issue, the real issue is screen size. The 4s was the last 3.5-inch screen released by Apple. And as screen sizes have grown, so have the amount of buttons and bars squished into apps.

Seeing as Apple prides itself on the user’s experiences of their devices, owners of 4S’s should really weigh up the pros and cons of the update. Taking the performance and user experience issues into account, upgrading to iOS 8 might not be a worthwhile decision.

Source: Gizmodo


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