IT as a Service


Your business can have a different vendor for each of your services such as your internet, phones (fixed line and mobile), alarm system, network, printers, website etc. You will also have support in place for various pieces of software such as accounting packages or web-based applications.

Imagine there is a problem with one of these services. You will need to go through the pain of designating a member of staff to take charge of the issue, and find out who to contact to obtain support. You will also be placed on hold in a queue, and when you finally get through to someone you’re told that you need to be transferred to a different department or that your call will need to be escalated. All of this can take time and cause frustration, meanwhile, your service is down and your business is being effected.

At McDonalds IT, our IT as a Service (ITaaS) plan provides your business with a single point of contact for all your service related queries. You make a single call, send a single email, or make a single service request and we will work with all of your vendors involved to ensure a speedy and satisfactory outcome. You can report your issue to an engineer at McDonalds IT who understands your needs and has knowledge of your business. This approach saves you time and money.

Your staff may spend a lot of time online and receive hundreds of emails per day. It can be difficult for them to determine which of those websites or emails are genuine and which ones are put in place in attempt to exploit your business. We can provide IT training in security, so staff know what not to click on and what to do if they feel like they have been compromised, which allows us to be proactive and prevent attacks. Any security concerns or doubts are addressed by our expert engineers ensuring your environment is protected from the latest threats and malicious attacks.

If you would like any further information, contact us on We cover Nationwide and offer a 24x7 service.


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