New Major Features of Google

April 26, 2018 at 2:36 PM

New Major Features of Google

Google are forever trying to improve their service by adding exciting new features to their products. Today, Google has released a couple of new features to Gmail. This blog details these 3 new major features.



Hover Actions

The first new feature to be explained is the hover actions. If you hover your mouse cursor over an email, you are presented with 4 actions which can be swiftly applied without having to go into the email.

The 4 options presented are below:

Archive – Hides the email from your inbox until someone replies to it
Delete – Deletes the email from your inbox and sends it to your bin
Read – Mark the message as read
Snooze – Temporarily hides the email until a specified time and date



New Sidebar

Gmail now has a new sidebar on the right-hand side. This allows you to access your Google calendar, take notes using Google Keep, or access other Google add-ons if you have them installed.



Snooze and Smart Reply

Google have announced that they are now integrating the snooze feature directly into Gmail. The idea behind the snooze feature is to have the ability to hide emails temporarily until a later time/date. You can then take action at that chosen point to prevent that email from getting lost or forgotten about. It might be an email that doesn’t need actioning straight away, or you may just be too busy to reply instantly. After the email is set to snooze, you will then be alerted of the email at the chosen date and time.


Smart Reply allows you to send commonly used quick responses instead of having to type the email and click send.



Other Features

You can now add recipient to an email in the body of the email by using the “+” symbol and start typing the recipient’s name.



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