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October 16, 2015 at 10:15 AM


In our daily lives we all take great measures to protect our valuable assets; Home, Contents, Car, Bikes etc. and most important of all ‘Ourselves’?.

But, we don’t always think of protecting our personal information; Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Handheld devices, Cloud, Email etc.


Here at McDonalds-IT we specialise in ensuring your digital safety. Here are some basic tips and suggestions given at McDonalds-IT which are listed below.



Set accounts with the strongest possible password or even passphrase. Always have a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, capitals etc. Avoid personal names, pet names, birthdates which can easily be guessed and leave you compromised plus open to attack. Do not write passwords on a piece of paper or share with anyone. If there are multiple accounts have different passwords which will provide better protection.



Let McDonalds-IT install specialist antivirus software on your devices at a monthly cost. There are various types available and choosing an appropriate one is not always easy. Stick to a trusted brand and purchase one that will provide you the most protection. If unsure always check with colleagues, family, friends, do some research yourself, and if in doubt contact McDonalds-IT.



The best way to keep important personal information safe and secure is to back it up to an encrypted External device or use a Cloud Platform in case devices break down. It is always recommended to protect data by storing in the cloud. However, using an external backup option is also fine as long as the physical unit is at a different location from the device and made very secure. Two factor authentication is essential, so always choose software that can be configured in this way.



We all get unknown emails and links which are totally unrelated and create nothing but frustration. These are more than likely a trap. Do not click to open as it might take you to some fake site and ask for your personal information. There might also be some link mentioning you have won a prize, some free money or a product, or more than likely it will ask for your personal banking details.There’s another trap. Always ring the bank to verify, and remember, if someone wants to get in touch with you if the matter is urgent, they will get hold of you somehow other than email.


This is only scratching the surface and there are multiple things we would like to discuss with you. Such as a security audit and review.


Even after having all possible safety and security protocols, the best advice given at McDonalds-IT is, nothing can beat the best preventive measure called Common Sense. Please use it. It’s free. 24/7.


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