Powerline Networking

December 21, 2017 at 2:09 PM

These days everyone has WiFi in their home to get online. Gone are the days of being cabled to your modem to dial into the internet.

WiFi is a convenient way for getting new devices online and accessing the internet from anywhere in the house. For everyday use, the limitations of wireless won’t affect home internet usage greatly. However, if you have noticed slow download speeds and connectivity issues, there is a product you can try.

You will still find wired networking in the office even with WiFi available. This is because it offers better reliability, stability, security, and performance over wireless connections. You probably won’t find your house wired with data network ports, but there’s a solution available that is the next best thing.

It’s called powerline networking, and with a starter kit, you can turn your existing power wiring in the house into a computer network.

Setup is simple.

Starting with two adapters, the first one plugs into power and your router. The second one plugs into power and your PC. Once both adapters "talk" to each other, you now have internet access to your PC.

This is ideal if your PC is out of range and cannot connect to the wireless, or you are connected but aren't getting full download speeds and have slow response times.

Once installed, you will still have your wireless network available for its convenience around the house but now with an added option of a reliable wired connection.

Some powerline adapter kits also include a wireless extender, to provide better WiFi coverage in areas of the home that have weak signal.

If you’re interested in this networking solution and would like any further guidance, please get in touch today.

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