Serious WiFi security flaw

October 16, 2017 at 4:11 PM

There are reports of a new flaw within WPA2 WiFi - which is currently the most widely adopted WiFi encryption in use today, and has been up until now, fairly secure.


The new critical vulnerability will potentially allow a malicious party to Decrypt Wifi, hijack connections or inject content, among other things.


The details of the vulnerabilities were made available to manufacturers and wifi vendors in August, and I have had positive confirmation from several vendors we work with that updates and patches will be hot off the press as soon as they are tested and ready.


The Team at McDonalds IT are currently monitoring the situation, waiting for the public disclosure of the details and will be in touch with any of our affected customers to arrange patching/fixes for any wifi equipment affected, to keep them secure.


If you have any queries or comments, or would like us to assist you with ensure you are protected, please contact

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