Smart Kitchen Appliances

March 28, 2018 at 1:30 PM

Smart Kitchen Appliances

With technology forever improving, appliance manufacturers are continually trying to boost and promote their products to increase sales.

Many kitchen appliances now include the ability to connect to your smart phone. This assists you to cook more conveniently, freeing up time to allow you to carry out other tasks in your busy lifestyle.

Here is a list of some of the devices that are currently on the market.

Mellow Sous-vide

Sous-vide is a method of cooking that involves placing food inside a plastic package and the submerging the food into temperature-controlled water. The idea behind it, is that you set the water to a specific temperature that you would like to cook your food to. That way, the food will never over cook as it will only ever reach the temperature of the surrounding fluid. The food will be cooked evenly throughout and will also retain more moisture.

The Mellow Sous-vide does exactly this. It has a build in refrigeration element, which allows you to keep your food while you are at work. You can then use the app to select the food you are about to cook, and a time you would like it to be ready for, and it will be cooked just in time for when you arrive home. Don’t worry if you are going to be late, the food will remain the same temperature until you remove it from the water.




HAPIfork is the electronic fork that can help monitor and improve your eating habits. It measures the amount of time it takes for you to bring the food from your plate to your mouth. The fork will then send vibrations to indicate that you are eating too fast. This can then calculate how long it took to eat your meal, the amount of fork servings per minute, and intervals between fork servings. The fork can connect to your smart phone device to then upload the history to your account and track your progress over time. Eating too quickly is rumoured to cause digestive problems, gastric reflux, and postoperative complications.




Drop Connected Kitchen Scale

The Drop Connected Kitchen Scale is a compact, fast, and accurate food scale. It was created for both veteran bakers and newbies to the game. By installing the app onto your iPad, it allows you to display the recipe and baking guidelines onscreen. The best part about it, is it allows you to scale up or down your recipe based on the ingredients you have. For example, if the recipe for cakes is with 300g of flour, and you only have 120g, then it will adjust the recipe based on what you have available. It will even assist with your shopping list. In order to keep your iPad clean, there is a button on the scales that allows you to navigate through the steps. There are plenty of different recipes to choose from, and they can be arranged by top rated, A-Z, or by various categories.  


Egg Minder – Wink App Enabled Egg Tray

With eggs being a common household item that everyone loves, it is difficult to keep track of your supply. You could buy 8 boxes like I do so that you never run out, or you could purchase the Egg Minder.

The Egg Minder looks like an egg carton that can hold upto 14 eggs. When you place an egg in the carton, it makes a note of the date it was placed in. You then set a freshness date, and an app on your phone will notify when the date is due to expire. When you put multiple eggs into the carton, it will indicate which one is the oldest based on when they were placed. A blue light will indicate which egg you need to use first. Once you remove the oldest egg, the blue light will then move to the next oldest egg.

The Egg Minder app includes a picture of the carton in its current state, so if you are at the supermarket you can check the app to see if you need to top up the eggs, and also how many you need to top up by, so your eggs are always fresh!




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