Smartphone Battery Life

June 27, 2016 at 10:20 AM

Smartphone Battery Life

Nowadays, almost everyone is using a mobile phone or other fancy electronic gadgets, but the most popular are smart phones. With constant technological advancement, smartphones are becoming a very handy and practical tool in our everyday lives. Making a phone call, texting, connecting to the internet, playing games, watching videos, TV shows or movies, checking weather reports, listening to music etc. A smartphone is capable of all these functions and more. With unlimited variations of apps available for download, the amount of data usage has increased considerably, but it is still possible to encounter unpleasant situations. You may be playing a game or paying bills via online banking and suddenly your screen goes blank and a message pops up “Low Battery“. We get agitated, frustrated and even try to swear at the phone. Well, it’s not usually the phone but the phone battery which needs charged. So what can we do to make the phone battery more productive, long lasting and help us control our frustration?

Let us look at some tips and tricks that might help in improving smartphone’s battery life.

Screen Brightness :

It is great that your new phone can go brighter than the sun, but most of the time you don’t need all that brightness. By default, your phone might be set up to have auto-brightness, but you can take it one step further by adjusting it manually. Many phones allow you to lower the intensity of the auto brightness, so when in shade or outside choose a comfortable option that suits you and simply turn down your screen brightness.

Downloaded Apps :

If you think your phone battery is suddenly not holding its charge, it’s not usually your phone that’s killing it, it’s an app. Check your battery setting section and see what app is constantly playing up and draining the battery meter. Simply, delete the unwanted apps or change their power settings.

Background Syncing :

Don’t take for granted that all the apps you have downloaded are good. Just because you haven’t found any bad programs does not mean there are no apps trying to drain your precious battery life. Go to the commonly used apps and check their sync settings, syncing apps could be draining your faster. Simply, stop the background syncing.

Vibration Settings :

If you are really worried about charging your phone frequently due to faster battery drainage, turning off alerts can sometimes help. Go to the sound settings and adjust or disable things like notifications, key tones and other elements. Every little change can help even though you may not notice, but it is worth the effort. Simply, lose the vibration.

Network Settings :

Turning off Wifi and Bluetooth is often considered a great way of saving battery consumption, in reality, it’s effect is minimal. But, as mentioned earlier, every small change can make a big difference. When listening to music with your plug-in headphones disable the bluetooth function. Some GPS tracker apps are another high usage of battery power, but Google apps work better than most and don’t use much power. Simply, go off grid.


The most obvious route to increase battery life is use your phone less and turn off some power draining features. Simply, be smart and use it wisely.

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