Surge Protectors

June 03, 2016 at 4:11 PM

Surge Protectors

We say “If it’s not broken why fix it?“. It may be true but not in all cases, especially when we possess much loved electronic devices such as PCs, televisions, gaming consoles, sound systems and other expensive electronic items. Do you plug these electronic devices directly into the power outlet? Well, you shouldn’t be, instead you should be using a surge protector before connecting to the power outlet. When everything is working fine we forget about surge protection. But it takes only one power spike or surge not only to damage your expensive device but potentially make them useless.

Let us understand some basics of spike or surge protectors to help you prevent from such situations.

Spikes and Surges:

Power outlet sockets are supposed to provide a consistent voltage of electricity. Devices plugged into these outlets depend on this. Sometimes, when voltage suddenly increases a power spike can occur.

A spike is a short increase in voltage, while a surge can last more than a few seconds. This can often be caused by power outages, lightning strikes or malfunctions in delivering electricity from suppliers to the consumers. Surges are usually caused by problems within the electricity supply unit called The Grid.

These sudden increase in current can damage electronic devices which draw power from these surging and spiking outlets. It could render them completely inoperable and beyond repair. So, how can we protect them? By using surge protectors.

Surge Protector Power Boards:


Since standard power outlets do not have built in spike/surge protection, surge protector units are used. Surge protectors ensure that only a normal and safe amount of electricity passes through to plugged in  devices. These power boards can be purchased as single or multiple  units i.e 4-way, 6-way or even 8-way power boards. You can also buy a small travel surge adaptor which can easily fit into a computer bag. Always try and purchase a good brand of surge protector. Many reputable companies also offer replaceable warranties in case the plugged devices gets damaged.

Cheap ordinary power boards may not have built in surge protection and will only provide you with additional outlets. Make sure you know what you are buying. Surge protectors don’t last forever, they depend on how often power surges occur in your area. Some units also have on/off lights which alerts you whether the unit is providing protection or not. Please replace with another one if its no longer working.

In a perfect world, where electrical system may never malfunction surge protectors may be of little use. Still, you may want an ordinary power board with more outlets anyway so why not buy a surge protected one? It is a fairly inexpensive way of protecting your expensive electronic goods.

We also say “prevention is better than the cure “. So let us all make sure to protect our electronic gadgets with surge protectors.

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Article written by Prashant Panchal

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