Tablets, Laptops or Desktops

December 07, 2015 at 8:51 AM

Tablets, Laptops or Desktops

December, one of the favourite month for Mums, Dads, Kids and everyone who are looking to purchase gifts of all kinds. Especially, when the presents are more inclined towards technology. What will you do if you want to gift a computer to someone but not sure what to get? A desktop, laptop or a tablet. Well, let us look at some differences between them which will help to decide on the right device.


In today’s technology driven environment arguably Tablets have become the most popular device for all ages. It’s thin, light, portable and easy to use. Navigating the content is simply  swiping, tapping, flicking or just pinching with your fingertips. You do not require a separate keyboard but if needed you can always attach one in some models. Also being able to touch and interact with voice has made this product most wanted on the gifts list. Tablets turn on almost instantaneous like smartphones, while laptops take time to boot the operating system. Battery life can also be much longer (approx. 7-8 hours) compared to laptops (approx. 3-4 hours).

Many Tablets also have an option of cellular connectivity in-built along with Wi-Fi which is great for anyone to access internet anytime. Most laptops do not have this in-built facility but can be activated with an external device. Dual cameras and GPS navigation are also unique features of Tablets compared to laptops. Reading newspapers, magazines and e-books are an added bonus especially when you are sitting in a park or relaxing on a holiday trip.

Prices are also much cheaper than a traditional laptop unless you are looking to buy with more storage and with cellular connectivity.


Even though tablets have become popular, conventional Laptops have not lost ground. Mainly because it is much more practical for people who are involved in a lot of typing. Having a physical keyboard is more accurate, fast and comfortable compared to a tablet’s on-screen keyboard. Multitasking, writing long business letters and students tying their assignments prefer to have Laptops.

The other two main attraction of a Laptop is its huge storing capacity and screen size. Usually, Laptops have a min of 320GB storage compared to 32GB of flash memory on tablets. 14 to 17 inch screen size compared to 7 to 8 inch on tablets. Since its physical body is strong it can withstand accidental damage compared to a tablet. Laptops have USB, SD slots to transfer files from and to (only some tablet models have now).

Laptop prices start slightly more than tablets but if you want a powerful machine you will need to spend a little bit more. Especially if you upgrade to a faster SSD model.


Desktops are becoming less popular but still holds a significant advantage over laptops and tablets. Desktops have much larger screens compared to laptops and tablets making it more comfortable to read and work on. Newer Desktops now have touch screen display along with keyboard and mouse as well. They are much better for entertainment purposes like watching movies and playing games. Ideal for multitasking as you can open multiple windows at the same time or even add an extra monitor.

Users wanting to upgrade components like better video graphics card, more system memory(RAM), hard drive or Solid State Drives (SSD) tower-based desktop are the best option. Please note upgrading to ‘All-in-One’ desktop is tricky as components are behind the monitor. Parents and caretakers of young children can also consider a central location for desktop in the house to keep an eye on sites they are visiting or communicating.

Desktops prices vary depending on whether you are looking for a basic unit or can spend thousands to get the latest one.

To choose the correct device, especially Christmas now approaching please do not hesitate to contact our team at McDonalds-IT. We will be more than happy to assist.

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