Treesize: Find out what's taking up your hard drive space

November 01, 2017 at 1:18 PM

As someone who’s continuously fighting with my hard drive for that extra bit of space, it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s actually taking up those last few gigabytes, running my SSD into the red. If you’re someone experiencing a slow or full hard drive, this is a great tool you can use to keep control and get rid of those files you didn’t remember were still there.


Treesize is a drive mapper to show you where all your space has gone in an easy to follow navigation tree.














After you’ve installed Treesize simply right-click on the drive or folder you would like to view, and select Treesize from the drop-down menu. From there you will be able to view all your folders, files and directories in the navigation tree, along with their size and the % of hard drive space it’s using up.














Treesize also makes it very easy to make changes to your files within the program itself, being able to delete, rename, and open, along with many other options you would usually be able to get just like using the file explorer itself.

It’s important to mention that Treesize is only currently available for windows computers, but Mac and Linux versions may be coming in the future.

Though Treesize may come with many options and settings to give you a more detailed look into your hard drive, a basic setup should work fine for most users just looking to do a quick tidy up on their PC.

Treesize is available to download from their website ( and the basic version is completely free to use. If you’re thinking about buying a new SSD to get that extra gigabyte you’ve been needing, give Treesize a go first, you may have more free space than you think










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