Virtual Desktop in Windows 10: Your tips for getting started

June 06, 2019 at 11:10 AM


Recently, Microsoft have added two new features into Windows 10, Virtual Desktop and Task View. This allows users to manage and organize their apps into different virtual desktops, as well as view the history of what you’ve previously opened on your computer. This blog will describe how to create and manage your Virtual Desktops.

Create A New Virtual Desktop

To create a virtual desktop, you can either left-click on task view, or alternatively press windows_logo.png+ Tab > New desktop .

If you’d like minimize all your current windows and go back to your main desktop, you’ll need to press windows_logo.png + Ctrl + D. 


 Change Between Desktops

If you would like to change between Virtual Desktops, you can click on Task view and choose a desktop from there, or alternatively, you can press windows_logo.png + Tab.

If you would like to bypass the task view menu, you can press windows_logo.png + Ctrl + Left / Right arrow key to go directly to your next/previous Virtual Desktop.


Close a Virtual Desktop

If you are finished with your Virtual Desktop, you can easlily close it off.

 To close one of your Virtual Desktops without opening Task view, press windows_logo.png + Ctrl + F4 to terminate the Desktop and Windows will switch you over to your next available desktop.


Move an Application to a Different Desktop/Show an app on all desktops

 To move an application, you’ll need to open Task view, then either use the drag & drop feature, or right-click on the application you’d like to move and select Move to. From there you can choose which screen you’d like to place your application. If you’d like to have the app show on all screens, right-click the desired app from Task view, and click Show this window on all desktops.


Virtual Desktop and Task View is a very useful tool to manage all of your apps and keep everything organized at work and home on your windows devices. We hope that these tips can help you get started with understanding the system and using this great feature of Windows 10.

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By Rory McDonald


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