Windows PC Keyboard Shortcuts

January 15, 2016 at 2:00 PM

Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows PC

It does not matter what type of a computer you have, but what really matters is how wisely you use it. Do you type a lot, do you work on more than one document at a time or print lot of pages? If these are some of the tasks you do daily then the keyboard shortcuts would really help you save time. Let us look at these shortcuts and see how useful it can be on Windows PC.


Windows Key + Search


Windows Key is really useful on Windows 8 as it quickly takes you to the start screen. Similarly on Windows 7 it opens the Start menu. What is means, you can start typing straight away after pressing the Windows Key to search any files, folders or programs. For example, if you want to launch Internet Explorer, press the Windows Key, start typing Internet explorer and press enter, when the Internet Explorer shortcut appears. It is a quicker way to open files, folders, programs and even Control Panel options without touching your mouse or going through the Start Menu.


Switching Between Applications


Most of the time we have more than one application running on the computer. If switching between two applications just press Alt+Tab rather than clicking buttons on the taskbar. If you have more than two windows hold the Alt key and press Tab key repeatedly to switch between different applications. If you miss the window you want, you can always press Alt +Shift+Tab to move the list in reverse order.


Quick Printing


There are always some documents or files that needs to be printed. Instead of finding the Print option in every program you want to print from just hold Ctrl key and press P. It will quickly bring up the Print Menu and then choose Print. This option not only saves you time but also streamlines the process no matter what Windows PC you are using.


Locking your Computer


While working on the computer, we do need to get up sometimes either to drink water, have lunch or just take a break. We should always remember to lock the computer before you step away from it so that people won’t be able to log in unless they know your password. You can do this either from the Start Screen or Start Menu. Instead the fastest way to lock the computer is by pressing the Windows Key +L before you get up.


Browser Shortcuts


Surfing a topic or playing a game on the website is nowadays very common. But if you want to type something else either you cancel your existing search or open a new tab. Quickest way to open a new tab with address bar is press Ctrl+T , type a search phrase or web address and press Enter to go there. While browsing if you want to go back or forward hold the Ctrl Key and press left or right arrows.


Copy, Cut and Paste


These keyboard shortcuts are probably the most important especially if you type lot on your computer. These options can be accessed using the mouse, either right-clicking on selected text or opening the Edit Menu of the application. But it is the slowest way to do it. The best way is after selecting the text, press Ctrl +C to copy it or Ctrl +X to cut it. After positioning the cursor where you want the text to be hold Ctrl Key and press V to paste it. This will save you a lot of time over using a mouse.


Searching the File or Current Page


For example, you want to perform a search in a current application, whether you are browsing on the web, viewing a PDF document or in any other application press Ctrl+F. The search or find feature will instantly pop-up and you can start typing any phrase you want to search for.


These are just few suggestions that may benefit every PC user irrespective of how often they use or quickly adapt to. If you need further assistance with any PC related issues please get in touch with our team at McDonalds-IT.


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