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Let's face it, technology is a business tool that can help everyone be more efficient & productive. But when it doesn't work, or you need IT to be better, you need people who are experts in providing you the best advice and support.

Our team are a friendly, caring and professional group of people.

Get to know our team below...




005.jpgI’m Tony, CEO at McDonalds IT. I provide leadership and direction for our business to ensure all of our team meets our customers expectations. I oversee daily operations too, and make sure that everything runs smoothly so that our customers receive the best solutions & service. I take customer satisfaction very seriously and visit customers to find out how well we are doing, and if we can improve. Taking time out to talk to our customers over a coffee is vital to cementing the relationship, and to create an environment where we can be approached freely. This also applies to our own staff members and I think this is one area that sets McDonalds IT apart from the others.

I started McDonalds IT for two reasons; firstly, to embrace and deliver the ever-growing cloud computing technology, and secondly, to treat small / medium businesses with the attention and respect they deserve in terms of IT. Many of the larger IT firms neglect the IT needs of smaller businesses because it’s not profitable. It was time to change all of that. In 2012 I was contacted by IDC (International Data Corporation) with results of a recent service survey. Apparently, McDonalds IT was 6th on the chart results - above Fujitsu. Of course, I thought this was some sort of joke, but 6 months later a colleague of mine gave me the chart.  I was surprised, but also proud of the work I had put in to raise the profile of my brand.

Our largest customer is Red Cross New Zealand. We are a loyalty partner and regularly donate to them via discounted pricing, because we recognise and respect the work they do here locally, and internationally.

In my spare time, I like to play & write music and also write music reviews for As you can see, if I’m not busy, I’m not living. I have been married for 25 years, have two children and live in Wellington. To ensure that our business was profitable and could survive the downturn in the economy, I make certain that our business grew organically.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. I look forward to working with you! My mission is to make certain that IT has a positive impact in enabling your business to be more productive & efficient, and ultimately assist in your growth and success!


Service Delivery Manager

015.jpgI'm Andrea - SDM, Accounts, Invoices, HR and anything that isn’t technical at McDonalds IT. I'm here to make sure that your contracts and paperwork are in order, your invoices are accurate, and any non-technical issues are sorted out quickly.

Before coming to McDonalds IT, I managed a primary school library, doing everything from managing the budget, ordering stock, processing stock and creating displays, to tying shoelaces and wiping noses!

When the opportunity came up to work with McDonalds IT, I decided to come on board and join the team. What really attracted me to McDonalds IT was being part of a team that genuinely loves to help customers provide cost effective solutions and solve problems.

I'm an active type of person. In my spare time I love to cook, listen to music, and our ongoing house renovations keep me occupied. I also keep busy with my husband Tony, two teenage children, two dogs and cat.

I look forward to working with you to help make your IT experience seamless and pain free.


Service Manager


I’m Chris – Service Manager at McDonalds IT. 

My job is to ensure that we provide a high level of customer service, have the correct training and procedures are in place amongst the team, and to optimise our processes in order to provide an effective and pain free support experience for our clients.

Before I worked at McDonalds IT, I was a Support Engineer for a company that provide a similar line of support and services for around 4 years. I moved over to New Zealand in January 2018 from the UK to come and work for McDonalds IT and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

What attracted me to McDonalds IT was their ever growing desire to help and satisfy their customers. They’re also a friendly and hardworking team who helped me to improve my own skills and knowledge in the IT industry.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling, cooking, taking selfies with animals (cats not included, unless I experience the luxury of coming into contact with the legendary Mittens), and going to the gym.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Support Engineer



I’m Shay - Support Engineer at McDonalds IT. I’m here to provide the resources needed for
our clients in the way of support, guidance and knowledge.

Before I joined the team at McDonalds IT, I was a Support Technician for Academic Colleges Group and their educational services such as Yoobee School of Design and New Zealand Careers College. In addition, I've also worked for over 10 years at Brother International (NZ) Limted with a mix of being part of the ICT Department and the Helpdesk as the Seninor Technical Advisor. Having to provide support for both staff, students and customers throughout the years has given me many useful skills. These skills I feel will benefit what is required for the quality support at MCDIT offered to all clients.

What first attracted me to the awesome people of McDonalds IT was their focus and dedication to the clients and their needs. With them, no task is too small and everyone enjoys a new challenge. This was a team I wanted to be a part of so here I am.

Having both a personal and professional enjoyment in helping people has always given me the focus to strive to get any job done to an excellent standard. With this in mind, I look forward to being able to provide you with great support and the IT solutions you deserve.


Support Engineer

Rory.pngI'm Rory - Support Engineer at McDonalds IT. 

I provide the support and service that our customers need for all the various type's of issues they come in to contact with on a day to day basis and my personal favourite is troubleshooting.

Before I began working at McDonalds IT, my everyday life was surrounded by digital technologies, whether it be for school or fun.

In my spare time, I enjoy making music and playing gigs on the weekends. I also take the spare time I have away from fixing computers to playing on them instead.

I was very excited to join the McDonalds IT team for a couple of reasons. The first being the chance to expand my knowledge on all computer related technologies and learn as much as I possibly can.
My second reason is my enjoyment of troubleshooting and helping the needs of others. As a frequent technology consumer, I know how frustrating it can be to figure out some of the issues and I am there to fix the problem and also help you learn as well. 

Computer based work has always intrigued me and when the opportunity arose to gain a more professional skill set for a lifelong hobby, I jumped at the opportunity.

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