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DaveFullSizeRender.jpgGetting IT support the old way?

It's time for managed services!

What is it

Managed services is the new smart way of looking after IT systems for your business. It works because it is about applying a proactive and preventative approach to supporting and servicing IT systems. Our role as a managed services provider is to provide quality IT support to you quickly and efficiently for a fixed monthly cost effective price.

We have dedicated people & support software to monitor, maintain and manage your systems effectively so we minimize potential problems. If it does break. We will fix it, but the impact on your productivity and costs will be minimal.

Take a moment and think about what happens to your car when it is not serviced on a regular basis. All sorts of problems or issues can arise.

Why use it

The old way (traditional break-fix model)  i.e. something breaks, call someone in to fix it. Does not work anymore. The problem is it costs lots of money and  also creates downtime. 

Which means less productivity and more work for you to catch up on once the problem is fixed. If you want peace of mind that all systems are proactively monitored & maintained. 

If you want total comfort that potential disasters are being prevented now and in the future. If IT is critical to your business and you want to save time & money. You should subscribe to managed services today. 

The graph below shows how managed services compares to traditional IT support costs.


Why McDonalds IT

The McDonalds IT Managed Services offering, we believe is the most comprehensive, flexible and affordable in New Zealand. McDonalds IT can take care of all of your hardware, software and licensing needs reducing your total cost of ownership.

McDonalds IT has been managing numerous customers for a number of years now and not only have the technical experience to manage the environment, but also the understanding of how small to medium businesses operate and see their future goals.

Making IT invisible is a key goal for McDonalds IT to ensure that customers are focusing on business and not IT problems.

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