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 Make your emails stand out from the rest


Do you know it is estimated by 2018 a staggering 139.4 billion business emails will be sent and received each day, with the average employee sending 15,000 + emails a year? 

This incredible statistic makes email the most poorly utilized form of ‘owned media’ in the world today.  

But what if you could harness the powerful reach of your email network and use it to spread your company brand around the world? You would effectively be advertising your business for free every time a staff member sends an email without having to fork out for expensive marketing campaigns.

Black Pearl Mail brings this channel to life, allows you to take control of your company brand and make your business stand out in busy inboxes.


So what is it?

Black Pearl Mail’s email signature builder enables you to create your email signature masterpiece in minutes using your company logo and/or banners. In addition to branding you can use your emails to promote awards and plaudits, announce new products or campaigns, add seasonal or topical salutations, and most importantly, drive traffic to any web content, for example your website, YouTube channel, social media, and so on.




It’s key to engage customers with the number of emails sent and received these days and with over 60% of emails being opened on mobile, try putting your brand at the top so you are instantly noticed and remembered.




By putting relevant, actionable content within each and every email you will drive more traffic to your website and social media pages, thus increasing your ‘earned media’.


So how does it work?

Branding your email in the cloud means you can manage email signatures for you and your employees in one place. Signatures are updated and applied instantly to everyone, instead of spending time setting them up or changing signatures on every computer and mobile phone.



The analytics console provides visibility that you never had before. See how many emails you and your organization sends, when emails are opened, and what your customers are interested in by seeing what they clicked on.





We at McDonalds IT have been so impressed we have decided to sign up, you may have noticed our automated moving signature on our email correspondence? This is another great feature we can assist in recreating for your logo to get your business recognised. 

If you want your company brand to stand out and take your business to the next level, Black Pearl email signatures will help you get there. The easy set-up, simplistic management and highly affordable charge with no contracts made it an easy decision for us, let us take you to the next generation of email signatures.

Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable MCDIT staff to arrange a quick 15-minute demo and take the next steps to growing your business and getting your brand out there.  

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