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Managed Services 101


On this page we clarify and breakdown managed services to help you better understand the solution.



What is Managed Services?

Managed Services means a service plan where the customer pays a regular fixed amount for all break-fix, monitoring, maintenance and management support services. The customer only pays for extraordinary or extreme repairs or unusual conditions or project work.

What is Break-Fix support?

The term break-fix refers to the fee-for-service method of providing information technology repairs to businesses, in which a customer calls up a service provider to do a repair of something computer-related that is broken, the IT provider offers a solution or repair and bills the customer for the work done on an ad hoc basis.

What is the difference between Remote & Onsite support?

Remote means all IT support services not performed on the customer’s premises. This may include but not limited to telephone, email, fax and remote access to computer systems.

Onsite means all IT support services performed on the customer’s premises or premises that McDonalds IT support staff do not normally reside / occupy to perform support services.

What does unlimited mean?

Unlimited means no restrictions or limits to performing support services for the customer, this includes the number of jobs or time taken to complete jobs during normal business hours.

What does Per User mean?

Per User means the customer is charged for support on a per employee model and not per device. Per User is defined as 1 employee who utilizes a range of information technology hardware and software. This may include but not limited to a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, printer and photocopier.

What does Per Server mean?

Per Server means the customer is charged for support on a per server model. This may include but not limited to a File Server, Terminal Server and Mail Server.

What does Per Network mean?

Per Network means the customer is charged for support on a per network model and not per network device. Per network is defined as a group of the core network devices. This may include but not limited to a network Switch, Wireless access point, Firewall and Router.

What does Per Month mean?

Per Month means the customer is charged for services on a monthly basis.

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